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Alpha Pardazesh Khavarmiane
Chairman: Ehsan Eshghi

Alfa Pardazesh Khavarmiane Company has started its activities in the field of ITS since 2004.

  • Vehicle counting by induction loop and image processing
  • Surveillance camera
  • ANPR
  • Speed camera
  • Traffic control equipment

Unit 2, No. 18, Pour Fallah St., Larestan St., Motahari Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 88945132-88941398

Andishe Negaran KIA
Chairman: Seyyed Mahmoud Dibaj

Andishe Negaran Kia Company was established in 2004 with the aim of organizing the transportation and traffic situation in the country. This company is a leader in providing various services of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Implementation the WIM system in 11 different axes for the first time in Iran, the first conductor of transportation training classes for managers and drivers of freight and passenger sectors and printing 9 books on transportation are the key points of activity of Andishe Negaran Kia Company.
  • Weigh in Motion (WIM)
  • Vehicle counting
  • Speed limit enforcement
  • Image Processing
  • Portable axle weighing scales
  • Consulting and implementation of study and executive projects in the field of transportation and transportation safety.
  • Training courses in the field of transportation, road safety, weighing and ITS

Unit 6, No. 53, after 1th east Alley, 24 Metri Blvd., Farhang Sq., Saadat abad, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 26418265, 22066518

اندیشه راهیان گسترش (ارگ)
Andishe Rahian Gostaresh (ARG)
Chairman: Reza Masoumi

The engineering company, ARG, was founded in 2003. ARG has being involved in traffic engineering for 16 years after 7 years experiences of its directorate board in Iranian Ministry of Road and Transportation. Backed by several years of experience and capabilities needed in diverse fields of studies and applied research in transportation, this company has been in charge of operating various projects with regards to transportation planning and management, road safety, producing and running traffic equipment and intelligent transportation systems and devices as well as holding training courses for various transportation users.

  • Vehicle counting by induction loop and image processing
  • Average speed limit enforcement
  • Weigh in Motion (WIM)
  • Potrable ANPR
  • Design, production, implementation and execution of transportation systems and equipment
  • Research and studies in the field of road engineering and transportation
  • Holding of specialist training courses

Units 15, No. 10, Hoseini Rad Alley, Larestan St., Motahari Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 88895630-3, 88913083

آیرود الکترونیک آریا
Iroad Electronic Arya
Chairman: Seyyed Davood Daeinejad

This knowledge-based company has started its activity since 2010 in the field of manufacturing advanced electronic-communication devices and systems with a focus on the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and has succeeded in designing and manufacturing three knowledge-based devices with the highest Technology level. We have experience in designing and implementing successful engineering projects in the field of ITS with the road maintenance & transportation organization, the country’s municipalities, banks and public and private organizations in our resume.

  • Knowledge-based device for collecting traffic statistics of roads (traffic counter) and management panels
  • Knowledge-based tracking device and vehicle fleet management system, emergency call and accurate distance calculation based on GPS and INS
  • ANPR
  • Intelligent control of parking and marginal park
  • Industrial remote controllers – ISS
  • Video surveillance

Unit 17, 5th floor, Negin Heravi tower, North Makran Ave., Heravi Sq., Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 22988045 – 22986216

Paya Ravesh Malager
Chairman: Mohammad Meraji far

Malager is a family-run Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) firm, that promises Iranian ITS Products with the global competitive capacity. We are a producer and also contracting company of high quality ITS products. No matter we carry out the project ourselves or our partners, we are committed to creativity, accountability and responsibility in providing services to our customers.

  • I-Count (Traffic Data Collection based on Inductive Loop Technology)
  • TC-Manager Software (Traffic Counting Manager)
  • T-Analyzer Software (Manager Assistant as a Traffic Data Analyzer)

Unit3, No. 2, 2nd Bahar Alley, Ashrafi Esfehani HWY, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 44601399

پویش پرداز
Pouyesh Pardaz
Chairman: Abbas Farnia

Pooyesh Pardaz Company with a history of more than 25 years is active in the electronics industry and specializes in the field of intelligent traffic systems with valuable work experience. Pooyesh Pardaz Company is also active in the field of design and production of automotive electronic products.

  • Vehicle counting
  • Speed limit enforcement
  • ITS equipment
  • ANPR
  • Car electronics

No. 2, first Deadend, Golha Ave., Zamiad Ave., South Iran Khodro Intersection, Lashkari highway (Makhsous Road), Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 44922990-3

پویندگان هدف گستر غرب
Pouyandegan Hadaf Gostar Gharb
Chairman: Sirous Biglari

Pooyandegan Hadaf Gostar Gharb Company started its activity in 2011 in the field of installing and equipping traffic counting devices. The company was able to always be among the best activists of these projects throughout the country with high productivity and accurate statistics of provincial roads and having a strong, talented and young team.

  • Vehicle counter
  • Electronic boards production

Unit 5, 5th Floor, Arg complex, Mosadegh Sq., Kermanshah, Iran

Tel: (+98) (83) 37299483

راهبرد فناوران آذربایجان
Rahbord Fanavaran Azarbayjan
Chairman: Asgar Jabari Asl

Rahbord Fanavaran Azarbayjan Company was established in 1995. Since 1996, it has had an official IT license from the country’s planning and budget organization. The company started its activity in the field of vehicle traffic counting with a pilot axis in West Azerbaijan. The company continues its work by mass-produce the vehicle counting devices in 10 new axes of West Azerbaijan province and then supporting 46 axes and now 86 axes in Yazd province. The company is also responsible for supporting all car trackers of West Azerbaijan’s general office of highways organization. In addition to these activities, it is also active in the field of IT and computer services.

  • Production of vehicle counting devices
  • Production of tracking devices
  • Variable message boards
  • Surveillance cameras

No. 56, Second 14 Metri, third 16 Metri, Mirdamad St., Behdari Ave., Orumiye, Iran

Tel: (+98) (44) 33441144

راه پویان
Chairman: Behnam Neshati

Rahpooyan Company was established in 1994 with the aim of entering the field of information technology and ICT in the country. Due to its history of activity in information technology and ICT, this company was able to achieve significant progress and achieve its defined goals in a short period of time.

  • Providing network services including Cisco network infrastructure
  • Virtualization based on VMWare services
  • Set up and support Microsoft services
  • Set up VoIP and other network services
  • Vehicle counting by induction loop and image processing

No 100., Shahid Asadi Alley, Madar Sq., Ardebil, Iran

Tel: (+98) (45) 33453580

رهیاب جم تهران
Rahyab Jam Tehran
Chairman: Farshad Saljoughi Berenji

Rahyab Jam Tehran company was established in 1999 and since then has been active in the field of design, preparation, installation and set up of intelligent traffic control systems and also holding training courses in this field.

  • Detectors of accident and traffic events by image processing
  • traffic information collection using image processing and radar
  • Portable axle weighing scales to weigh in motion or stationary state
  • Consultation and design of urban traffic control systems (traffic lights control)

Unit 4, No. 9, Tabriz Alley, Tous Ave., Palestine Sq., Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 88957750

Sina Ati Net
Chairman: Hooman Habibi

Ati Net group of companies including five knowledge-base companies, started their official activity with Sina Ati Net company in 2000 in the fields of  internet and communications, design and specialized implementation of networks, electronics and security cameras.

  • Wireless vehicle counting devices by induction loop and magnetic sensors
  • Intelligent washing camera robot for surveillance cameras
  • Vehicle and personal tracking devices (GPS)
  • Software system of cars and persons tracking with the ability to support any type of tracking devices
  • Vehicle counting by image processing
  • Intelligent system of collecting and analyzing traffic data
  • Vehicle tracking and location (AVL)
  • Intelligent parking management
  • Video surveillance (CCTV) 
  • Variable message boards (VMS)

Unit 6, 7th floor, Pasteur tower, Pasteur Ave., Hamedan, Iran

Tel: (+98) (81) 3120

عصر رایانه پارسه ایرانیان
Asre Rayane Parse Iranian
Chairman: Mohammad Bakhshi Chamazkati

Knowledge-base company of Asre Rayane Parse Iranian was established in 2010 by efforts of a group of specialists and experts of electronics, hardware, software, etc. to improve technical and executive level of the country. So far by attracting and using of elite experts and creative and experienced engineers and also obtaining the first level of knowledge-base, it has been able to make this company dynamic and committed in the field of intelligent transportation.

  • Vehicle counting
  • ANPR cameras
  • Video surveillance
  • Travel time system
  • Variable message boards
  • Traffic signs
  • Speed limit enforcement cameras

Unit 6, No. 8, Abadian Alley, Palestine Ave., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) (21) 88803270, 86037514