Iran Intelligent Transportation Systems Association

About us

In recent years, intelligent transportation and its impact on people’s lives has rapidly grown in the world. In our country, steps were taken with the efforts of activists in this field. With the formation of companies and the increasing use of intelligent transportation systems, the need for organization and effective policies for the growth and success of this field was felt more than ever. On the other hand, with the further expansion of this field, several problems appeared in this way that there was an urgent need to study and solve them.

To do this, a group of leading companies in this field, according to their social and professional responsibilities, established this association in order to make a comprehensive effort to provide benefits of all stakeholders in this field within the structured framework of the association. This nascent field in our country needs cooperation and synergy among all its components in order to grow and expand. We tried our best to play a role in bringing it to maturity in the country. The main strategy of this association is to provide a basis for more cooperation between the activists in the field of intelligent transportation to provide more national benefits.